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All men fraternize at the table, especially when one has enchanted their souls. Ferdinand Point

At Acentos & Paladares we aim to "enchant your soul," as Ferdinand would say. 


A new pop-up with a twist opens the door to great opportunities in Miami and abroad.  A&P is adventure, pop-up, underground and secret dining with a purpose.  We gather the best talent to team up and prepare you a meal that will tantalize your palate.  


Seating is limited and reserved for gourmands, and foodies, like you.  A ticket to attend the chefs' private dinners (often at their home) are a gift of gratitude for avid lovers of a scrumptious meal that back-up our chefs' creativity and dreams.


Our tastings are a small and seating is limited.  The place of the event will not be announced until 48 hours prior in order to maintain the privacy of the chef's home.  However, at the time of booking we will let you know the general area of the event, and will accommodate you for any food restrictions.  Please go to the ticket page to find out about the many options to participate.


Acentos & Paladares brings you tastings and wine parings;  that will feel like a carnival of flavors.  Our purpose is to delight you with an unforgettable meal while at the same time you help us create a new service culture in Latin American Cuisine.  A & P is  endorsed by The International Gastronomy Federation and the Excellence Bureau.   

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