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A&P Boutique Gastro-Series


A&P is the brand associated with a series of events, products and services of culinary, hospitality, cultural and  entertainment nature.

Taste to Travel and Travel to Taste

Learn more about FIGAT's culinary travel opportunities. 

Come and dine with us and enter to win a ticket for our culinary travel tour when you join figat - federation of international gastronomy and tourism

Redefining Food & Culinary Artistry

Join the revolution in the Miami's food scene.  Local and imported culinary talent pop-up to deliver a unique dining experience every time.

Acentos & Paladares is an adventure in dining.  We are a pop-up restaurant with a purpose. 
We strive to delight you with the fusions of culinary innovation and creativity based on traditional latin american cuisine. 
Our mission goes even further.  We aim to take our exquisite latin american culture and its flavors to a new level; the level of excellence!
These gatherings have the purpose of integrating outstanding chefs and their talents into teams.  The teams will be evaluated by La Federacion Internacional de Gastronomia, Arte y Turismo and the Excellence Bureau,  at the same time that they are preparing you an exquisite meal!! 
We ask that you sponsor your favorite chef to be part of the new Latin American Gastronomy - Brand of Excellence.  Join us in our journey to make history as all of your senses embark in a fiesta of flavors to remember!
Past Events:
cocina teatro
Chef Curated Edition
Puertorrican celebrity chef ventura vivoni
chocolate and pastry chef pablo antonio 
on a farm to table workshop dinner show
August 26, 2017 at 7:00 pm
11980 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL 33184
Dinner includes:
5 course tasting menu with wine pairing
chef curated dinner show
celebrity chef- workshop - and recipe
Chef Ventura Vivoni and chef pablo antonio
integrated comedy - chef Ramona hostess
with celebrity noris joffre
Sweepstake entry to figat culinary travel tour - puerto rico
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