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FOOD & Knowledge

A Foodie Club brings together an engaged community of foodies, giving members access to exclusive food and drink-related events and great deals and discounts. 


A&P provides the platform to create hands-on international local cooking classes and grants foodies with points to acquire FIGAT’S INTERNATIONAL FOODIE CERTIFICATE.  The certificate requires no traveling, but it is a testament that we have virtually visited each gastro-culture, studied recipes, culinary history and techniques to make us expert gastronomes. 

We aims to make our guests “fall in love” with the featured culture in each presentation, by means of creative culinary and artistic expression;  all while creating memorable experiences and embracing our inherited differences.

Destination Dinners, workshops and presentations leave customer hungry to learn more, and collect more badges to reach the goal.  Foodies travel with us for free, or at a discount, when they complete their goal. 

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